Residential Design Trends
Friday, January 23, 2015 at 10:40AM
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The most recent survey of home design trends released by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in the last quarter of 2014 has some very interesting findings. The survey is based on the experience of a panel of architectural firms specializing in residential design. Trautman Associates Architects is proud to be on the forefront of many of these design trends.

Within the AIA survey, dedicated guest rooms for an au pair or in-law suite has risen from about 10% in 2012 to 40% by 2014. In part this is a reflection that in 2014 about 50% of these homes accommodated multiple generations. Trautman Associates Architects has extensive experience designing these multi-generational homes. This type of living has returned to popularity as our population is living longer and becoming more productive after retirement. It has also become a necessity for some young adults to return home as a result of slowing employment opportunities.

Additionally, families generally need support when caring for children as well as the elderly. This living arrangement can cause unnecessary stress that can be alleviated by good design. Privacy can be an issue and in some cases alternate entrances can be part of a solution. Also, by creating a physical separation of sleeping and bathing areas, noise issues and time schedules can be accommodated by various generations. Kitchens can also be designed with subtle changes to address specific differences between those living in the home.

The AIA study noted that homes with ramps or elevators have risen by 50%. Nearly 40% of these homes have on-grade entrances. This increase is related to an aging population wishing to maintain independence and families addressing the special needs of a specific member. When integrating a wheelchair into a home, Trautman Associates Architects understands the importance of accessibility. We have experience providing adequate space for a chair as well as other specifics including what flooring materials are compatible with the wheelchair’s intended use.

Others trends mentioned in AIA’s survey such as integrating a storm shelter or building a safe room have been a part of Trautman Associates Architects work for over twenty years. Our firm continues to seek innovating ways to address the changing needs of our clients within the residential area of practice.




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