Construction Administration:

Construction Observation includes periodic visits to the site to
monitor the general progress and determine that work is
proceeding in compliance with the final Contract Documents. The
quality of materials and workmanship is reviewed and
documented before it is concealed by future work.  The architect
is required to arbitrate any dispute regarding the intent of the
contract documents and is obligated to proceed in a fair and just

Construction Change Orders and field orders are issued when it
is determined that a change is needed in the contract
requirements or that an interpretation of the documents is needed
to facilitate the work.  Contractors suggestions are considered
and evaluated if the offer the possibility of cost savings or an
improvement to the final project.

Testing and Inspection Monitoring is achieved by review of test
reports submitted or inspection results available on-site.  
Although required inspections are preformed by governmental
agencies, it should be kept in mind that they are not held liable for
contract compliance or code conformance except if they
represent the government agency in a grossly negligent manner.

Certificates of Payment are prepared upon request of payment
by the contractor in accordance with the terms of payment in the
contract.  Based on the construction observation, the architect
certifies that the required work has been completed as claimed
and is in compliance with the contract documents and that all lien
waivers and sworn statements are properly filed before payment
to insure a "clean title" for the client.

Project Close-out is initiated upon notice of substantial
completion by the Contractor.  A "punch list" of final completion
items is prepared by the architect, on behalf of the owner, and
presented to the contractor for completion prior to final payment.
Construction Administration
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