Design Services:

Schematic Design Services & Documents are used to
illustrate the concept and scope of site development and
building construction and include schematic drawings and
outline specifications for architectural, civil, structural,
mechanical and electrical work. These schematics are based
on the facility program and design criteria determined in the
pre-design phase.

Design Development Documents are based on the
owner-approved schematic design documents and serve to
advance and add clarity and detail to the architectural, civil,
structural, mechanical and electrical concepts.  Specifications
are modified and expanded as more is known of the
construction needed.  The estimate of probable cost is also
modified, as necessary, to reflect any changes as the design

Bid-Permit -Contract Documents are further developments of
the design drawings. Once the full scope of the project is
adequately illustrated and explained in the documents, they
may be released for competitive bidding or a negotiated
proposal. Documents include two-dimensional plans,
elevations, building sections, details, schedules and
specifications plus the instructions to bidders and form of
required bids.

Construction Procurement involves services to assist the
owner in qualifying bidders,   obtaining bids or negotiated
proposals and to evaluate such bids or proposals to
determine that they include the full scope of  intended and
required work. The bids are also compared with the final
estimate of probable cost which is prepared during the
bidding period and provides a breakdown for comparison with
actual bids.
Design Services