Facility Programming involves the establishment of detailed
criteria for a renovation, addition or new-built accessible
home.  This involves the size, shape and physical
requirements of the prime spaces and includes technical
requirements including required equipment.  In addition, the
program includes relevant psychological requirements of the
environment for the health and well-being of the occupant(s).  
It would include any requirements for staged construction or
specific site considerations.

Project Budgeting & Estimates of Probable Cost  includes an
estimate of the total probable cost for all project related
demolition and  construction including the finish  building cost
and related site development costs such as well, septic,
drives, earth balancing, tree removal. These projections are
based on National Cost Data Bases which have modified for
local conditions and our firm's experience with similar

Economic Feasibility and Financial Studies relate to the
financial analysis of a project to determine it's economic
feasibility or to compare optional solutions and/or site
alternatives. This provides a solid basis for critical project
decisions at an early stage.

Existing Facilities Survey and /or "As-built" Documents
involves taking field dimensions and photographs of existing
buildings, which are being considered for modification or
addition, where a minimum amount of recorded information
exists. This is used as an accurate basis schematic designs
and documents.
Pre-Design Phase
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